1. *tmx808 Software Installation:

1. Click the download link to start the - free - download of *tmx808.

2. In the File Download box, select Save this program to disk.

3. Save the file named "tmx808int.exe" to your hard drive.

4. After the download is completed, locate tmx808int.exe on your hard drive and double-click the file to begin installation.

5. When installation is complete, tmx808 is run automatically. The software will notice that no language modules are installed. Choose "Cancel" to exit the program and to install a language module.

  2. Language Module Installation:

1. Choose a language module on the Download page and follow the instructions to buy the module online.

2. At the end of the order process you will receive an individual serial number (licence key) as well as a personalized download link. Download the file (e.g. 808_italiano.tmx) and "Save" the file in the folder "mod\" within the installation directory (usually: C:\programms\tmx808\mod\). If you do not save the language module in this folder, it will not be automatically found by *tmx808.

Alternatively you can also install a module from another location. If no language has yet been installed, click on “Continue” in order to look for the file (e.g. 808_español.tmx ). If a language has already been installed, you can search for and install other modules on the Options page.

3. Start tmx808 (if you have not already done so). A message should now appear informing you that a language module has been found. If you confirm the message by clicking “Yes”, the language module will now be installed automatically.

4. To do this, you usually need to enter a serial number (license key). This is done most easily using copy-and-paste, otherwise take care not to confuse the zero and the letter O. You can only select OK if the key entered is correct.

5. Now you should make a backup copy of the module you downloaded unless you ordered the (optional) CD on demand.