• 800+ Words
  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Body parts
  • Sports etc.
  • 300+ (un)important Phrases
  • 700+ Photos
  • Virtual Trip
  • Language Lab
  • 4 Games
  • Highscores
  • 100% Design

*tmx808 is not a vocabulary trainer. Nor a language course, in which people talk about their families or the weather. More like a speaking album of photographs (more than 700), with which you can travel the globe and casually learn more than 1.000 of the most important, most beatiful, most everyday or mose useless words and sentences.

Thus *tmx808 is the perfect tool to

  • get ready for your next vacation abroad
  • avoid looking boring on your next business trip ("Ich möchte mich für wenig Geld betrinken.")
  • test and improve your language skills (what's a napkin in French?)

This is what you get:

TRIP offers a virtual journey through various areas from food to sexuality.  
  The language LAB contains more than 300 phrases sorted in 12 categories.  
  GAP. Which term belongs to each picture?  
    RAM. Do you find the matching picture? Of course all the words are read aloud (including articles!).
  FREEFALL is a modern version of the classic hangman game.  
  SUPER. Learn new expressions with different superlearning-methods while listening to ambient music.